Khalid Salem’s Interlude Şarkı Sözleri

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Khalid Salem’s Interlude şarkı sözleri

I think I’m fearful of things like traveling
I’m fearful of failure
I’m fearful of being embarrassed
Things like that I think
Hindered me from doing the best that I can sometimes
But I think that if I learn to be less fearful I would get further
I feel like I’m not always in the correct direction
Even though I know I’m on the right path
I’m like, “I’m on the right path but am I walking the right way or should I be turning around?”
Like little things like that
That I go back and forth right in my head
And I think it’s always nice to have reassurance
I think it’s really nice to see how far being a genuine person can get you
For me at least, like I think that’s the reason I am where I am
I think I am a big make of all the people around me
And I’m just happy, I can’t complain about anything, hell yeah

But I’m trying to get so motherfucking high, nigga
I don’t want to feel nothin’ (wait, what?)

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