Crumble Şarkı Sözleri

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Crumble şarkı sözleri

I’m tryna get some sleep
You’re laying next to me
My mind is painting pictures
Of what you had to see
You might just want to go
Escape to mountain snow
Wherever you will wither
I wanna help regrow
I’m helpless hoping for a way a way
I’ve lost the words that I should say
Tell me what to be
I can tell you’re dealing
I wanna take a walk along the dark under your feet
I can only try 
Imagine what you’re feeling
Flower beds for tears you’ve shed
crumble into me
Staring at your feet
Frozen in defeat
Shallow conversations
But I’m tryna dive in deep
I can’t pretend to know
What’s going on below
Holes are now less hidden
In a boat we cannot row

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